If you want to pass your linen from generation to generation (and yes, it is possible!), you should give it a proper care.

First, pure linen needs regular laundering and rinsing – only then, linen doesn’t get old too quickly.

If there are any stains – don’t use the bleach. It will only weaken the fibres. Use stain remover directly on the smudges, and wash your linen at temperatures up to 95°C. If there are no stains, use 60°C setting, as it doesn’t wear linen so fast. Load your washing machine only half-way. Otherwise, the linen cannot get enough water to be fully rinsed.

A conventional washing machine will do. Afterwards, linen should be ironed. Do it while the linen is still a little bit damp. All creases and crumples will disappear immediately. Starch is not necessary.

Remember that special materials, such as hand-hemstitched linen needs even more care. I requires rather low temperatures and low spinning.