In the Edwardian times, one of the most popular piece of furniture was the Linen Cupboard. It was situated in the middle of the house, being the dominant part of the living room. The most expensive and beautiful houses would have a Linen Cupboard made of cedar wood. Five shelves for all the family’s linen was a must.

Back then, even the number of linen was already set. Every member of the family was supposed to have three pairs of linen sheets and six pillowcases. The most popular linen was Irish. It was believed to be the most comfortable and beautiful material. Moreover, it was improving after washing. Additionally, everyone in the family was an owner of at least eight linen towels.

The linen was not only for the family. The visitors would also get two pairs of sheets of Irish quality. Every week all the linen was washed up.

For servants, two pairs of sheets, three pillow cases, and four linen towels were sufficient. The linen was also covering Edwardian pillows and duvets. Again, these were taken off once a year in order to be cleaned.

Linen sheets were made to last and were often handed down through the generations. In modern times, this fabric became super-popular again. Nowadays, linen covers wooden tables and cimstone worktops. Rugs, napkins, curtains, and clothing, which are made of linen, are still very stylish and fashionable.